Buster the Dog

Buster the Dog Tickets & Passes

The Sea to Sky Gondola is currently CLOSED until Spring 2020 but the Basecamp is open!

Please note: dogs are not able to ride the gondola up. 

We are the only gondola attraction in the metro Vancouver region that allows dogs on the premises. We offer a RIDE DOWN ONLY Ticket as well as a RIDE DOWN ONLY Annual Pass for dogs. If you/your doggy, are unable to hike the Sea to Summit Trail, here is a list of easy-grade, dog-friendly trails near us in the Sea to Sky Corridor.

Dog tickets and passes:

  • You may purchase a RIDE DOWN ONLY Ticket for your dog at the base in Guest Services or once at the top in Retail or at our summer Guest Services tent. These tickets are $15, and each dog requires a ticket to download.
  • Buster the Dog Annual Passes are available at Guest Services. $20 of each pass sale is donated to the Squamish SPCA. The Buster the Dog Annual Pass is a RIDE DOWN ONLY Annual Pass. 

While hiking up:

  • Leashes: your dog may be off leash during the hike, but must be "in control", respecting other hikers. Please leash your dog if required.
  • It is strongly recommended that you leash your dog in areas of fast-moving water (in particular around marker 200, the Shannon Creek that feeds Shannon Falls). It is also recommended that both you and your pet stay well back from the water's edge.
  • Scoop that poop! All owners are expected to clean up after their dog, as well as dispose of any poop in the appropriate waste bins.

At the Summit:

  • Please leash your dog at the summit, for the gondola ride and at the base until you have reached your car.
  • Once at the summit, dogs must stay in the "Dog Parking" area in the plaza.
  • Dogs are not allowed on other Sea to Sky Gondola front-country trails, such as the Spirit Trail, Panorama Trail and Wonderland Lake Loop, as well as on the suspension bridge, Summit Lodge deck, or other viewing platforms. Dogs are allowed on backcountry trails. See hiking page.

To ride down:

  • All dogs MUST have a valid Ticket or Annual Pass to ride the gondola down.


Failure to respect the rules and requirements associated with responsible dog ownership and behaviour will result in the suspension of your dog’s download privileges and will threaten this opportunity for fellow dogs and owners.

We ask that all dogs abide by the Buster the Dog responsibility code:

  • Ensure your human doesn’t let you bark excessively when you get excited.
  • Ensure your human keeps you on the leash at all times.
  • Make sure your human picks up after you when you...umm...have to go.
  • Make sure your human doesn’t let you lick or jump up on people. This playful nature might not be accepted by all humans. We welcome visitors from all over the world, from different cultures who may not be comfortable around dogs. Please respect other visitors' space.
  • Take great care when wildlife around - they don’t really want to play with you. Don’t harass, chase or bother wild animals.
  • You are responsible for yours and your human’s behaviour at all times.