Buster the Dog

"Buster the Dog" Pass

Please note: dogs are not allowed to ride the gondola up. 

Due to health and safety regulations, once at the summit, dogs must stay in designate dog areas outdoors. Look for the "dog parking" signs in the lower summit plaza.

We have had a lot of requests from dog owners to allow dog access on the gondola. In response to this interest, the Sea to Sky Gondola sells a RIDE DOWN ONLY “Buster the Dog” Season Pass as well as RIDE DOWN ONLY day tickets. 

“Buster the Dog” passes are sold online and at our Basecamp Guest Services Desk. A portion of each pass sale will go towards the Squamish SPCA. The "Buster the Dog" pass is a RIDE DOWN ONLY Season Pass.

Dog owners are able to hike to the summit via the Sea to Summit Trail network and then ride down with their dog on the gondola. Dogs are required to be on a leash at all times. Dogs are not allowed on any other Sea to Sky Gondola trails, bridges or viewing platforms such as the Spirit Loop and Panorama Trails.

This policy allows dogs to take their owners for a great hike to the summit, relax, have a drink and then download from the summit on the Sea to Sky Gondola. This is a commitment that Sea to Sky Gondola has made recognizing that it is the only amenity of its kind in or near the GVRD to allow dogs on the lift or in the area of the attraction.

Note that no other "dog privileges" are contemplated at this time. All dogs MUST have a pass in order to download on the lift and all owners are expected to clean up after their dog as well as dispose of any waste in the appropriate containers and bins.

Failure to respect the rules and requirements associated with responsible dog ownership and behaviour will result in the suspension of your dog’s download privileges, and will threaten this opportunity for everyone else who is a considerate and responsible owner/dog team.

As a member of the broader community, there are obligations for all in considering the
impact of your dog’s actions on others. We ask that all dog owners abide to the Buster the Dog responsibility code:

  • Ensure your human doesn’t let you bark excessively when you get excited;
  • Ensure your human keeps you on the leash at all times;
  • Make sure your human picks up after you when you...umm...have to go;
  • Make sure your human doesn’t let you lick or jump up on people. This playful nature might not be accepted by all humans.
  • Do not be a nuisance to others. Maintain your cool and control at all times.
  • Take great care when wildlife around, they don’t really want to play with you. Don’t harass, chase or otherwise bother wild animals.
  • You are responsible for yours and your human’s behaviour at all times.