Rob Summers Wines Down with us September 15

Rob Summers, head Winemaker at Hester Creek Estate Winery, will be spreading his weath of knowledge and guiding us through the unique tasting experience of Summer Wine Down on September 15. Course by course, Rob will provide details on the wines for an evening as educational as it is delicious. 

Hailing from the Niagara region, it seems natural that Rob Summers figures large in the Canadian wine industry. After acquiring an Honours Degree in Food Science (BSc, Hons) from the University of Guelph he worked at Hillebrand Estates, Henry of Pelham, Cave Spring Cellars, and Peller Estates. While at Peller, Rob directed VQA winemaking for two vintages in the Okanagan where he saw the vast potential that the south Okanagan Valley held, and was inspired to relocate his family to Osoyoos. He joined the team at Hester Creek Estate Winery in 2006 and his signature winemaking style has since gained accolades from his fellow winemakers and seasoned wine experts alike. For more information on Hester Creek Estate Winery, visit their website here

Join us along with Rob, for an elegant evening of fine food and wine. Call 604-892-2551 to book. 
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