Rise + Climb Winners - Tim and Marellie Wiebe

The Summer Rise + Climb program has come to an end and it's time to announce the lucky winners...

Tim and Marellie Wiebe are the lucky winners of this Summer's Rise + Climb Challenge. They had a perfect attendance record, equalling ten hikes up the Sea to Summit trail over ten weeks. We asked them what it is that motivates them to hike and why they decided to join the challenge. 


What inspired you to commit to the Rise + Climb challenge?

This is our first year our family purchased the Gondola Pass. I wanted to make sure we made the most of it, so when the Rise + Climb Challenge came up I thought it was the perfect way to accomplish that.

What is your favourite part about the challenge?

It's amazing that people travel here from all over the world and we get to call it our backyard. Tim and I decided that this would be our "fitness date" as we like to walk and talk about our week, etc. I love how physically and mentally challenging the hike is and how we notice different aspects of the trail every hike.

What motivates you to get out there on the days that are "less than ideal"?

I'm so encouraged by my fitness gains over the weeks and yet every hike still feels tough. I guess stickers and prizes are still great motivators for me! I'm so glad that the challenge has been extended into the fall.


Tim and Marellie have won a deluxe prize pack from Helly Hansen and the Sea to Sky Gondola. 

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