Passholder Profile: Michele Davidson

Passholder Profile is a blog series introducing our local pass holders who share their favourite activities, inspiring stories, and why they visit us often. Meet Michele Davidson.  

How long have you been a passholder at the gondola?

My husband and I bought annual passes before you even opened for business and have had them ever since.

What is your favourite time to visit the gondola?

Living here in Squamish, I have my pick of times! Nothing beats being first up on a weekday morning for the peaceful solitude. Soaking in the sunset with some live music on a Friday night ranks a close second.

What is your favourite activity at the gondola?

It is so hard to choose!  I love performing wedding ceremonies for couples at one of the viewpoints and doing day hikes, but truly, morning yoga in the summer ranks number one. To connect my mind and body with the natural world in this way is a great blessing.

What is the primary reason you bought an annual pass?

To access the backcountry without always having to work for it.

Tell me about your best day at the gondola.

One that stands out was a winter morning after a big dump of snow. The day dawned with a bluebird sky. Grabbed my snowshoes and a thermos of tea to get up there and lay fresh tracks. Not a soul around but some exceedingly cheerful Bluejays and Whiskeyjacks.  I remember falling back into the powder with glee to make a snow angel and then just lying there soaking up the glorious sunshine.  Bliss!

How often do you visit the gondola?

My pass is definitely well-used. Sometimes several times a week.

What is the best part about having an annual pass at the gondola?

The abundance of opportunities it offers for recreation, socializing, and general enjoyment. The passholder discount for outdoor gear is also a huge bonus.



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