Passholder Profile: Jason Ross

Passholder Profile is a blog series introducing our local pass holders who share their favourite activities, inspiring stories and why they visit us often. Meet Jason Ross.

How long have you been a passholder?

My family has had a pass since opening year (2014).

What is your favourite time to visit?

My favourite time to visit the gondola in the afternoon hours when the sun is shining. The views from the top of the gondola are so amazing on a beautiful day.

What is your favourite activity at the gondola?

My favourite activity at the gondola is hiking the Sea to Summit Trail because it's a great way to stay in shape. My best time is 1.5hrs! Also the Panorama trail is fun because the of the spectacular views of the valley. During the winter my family enjoys snowshoeing in the on Mount Habrich. We had a blast at the tube park last winter!

What is the primary reason you bought an annual pass?

The primary reason we bought an annual pass is because we live in Squamish. The gondola is a great place to take the family for a nice relaxing walk.

Tell me about your best day at the gondola.

There's a number of them! One of the most memorable days was last fall when my four-year-old daughter and I were riding up the gondola on a cloudy showery day and we saw an eagle perched in a tree. It was a very special moment for my daughter to see an eagle that close.

How often do you visit the gondola?

We visit the gondola 3 to 4 times a month

What is the best part about having an annual pass at the gondola?

One of the best parts of having annual passes is being able to participate in all of the great events at summit lodge.


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