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Local LoopsExplore Wonderland to Shannon Basin

18 August, 2021

Welcome to the Wonderland to Shannon Basin Local Loop! This Loop is a mash-up of four of our front country trails: Wonderland Lake, Wonder View Spur, Last Cut and Shannon Basin Loop. This unique trail experience takes you off the beaten path, through peaceful forests with peek-a-boo viewpoints. On busier days at the Summit, this loop is a great option for getting away from the crowds. The Wonderland to Shannon Basin Loop is 2.5km with 115 meters of elevation gain and takes most hikers an hour and a half to complete.

As this loop is a linking up of four different trails, we highly suggest downloading the Sea to Sky Gondola Trail Map App to help keep you on the right path.

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From the Backyard Plaza, head down the hill on our Backcountry Access Road. The entrance to the Wonderland Lake Trail will be on your next right. Once you have crossed the small bridge, you are on your way! Follow the red diamond-shaped trail markers as the trail meanders downwards. After you pass trail marker 8, keep an eye out for your first trail switch! On your right, there will be a single-track path. This is the Wonder View Spur Trail, marked by the purple diamond-shaped trail markers.

Shortly after making the switch to the Wonder View Spur Trail, you will reach a fork in the road. Both paths will keep you on the Wonder View Spur Trail, but to your left is a detour to a viewpoint looking out to Sky Pilot Moutain. Following along the trail, you will be taken over exposed granite rock, and through lush coastal rainforest. Those rock slabs make for a great place to enjoy a packed lunch in the serenity of the forest with peek-a-boo views of Howe Sound.

As you follow the Wonderview Spur Trail, you will reach the last smooth rock slab and at the bottom, there is another fork in the trail. If you were to take the sharp left, you would remain on the Wonder View Spur Trail. Continuing down the trail will begin the descent to Shannon Basin Loop. Although this trail isn't clearly marked, this is the Last Cut trail which is marked by blue diamond-shaped trail markers. This steep descent is a single-track, loamy path that can be quite slippery when wet. Go slow, wear sturdy hiking shoes, and be careful.

Planning Your Hike, the Adventure Smart way

Although this is a patrolled, front-country trail, all hikers should have the 10 essential backcountry items as recommended by AdventureSmart. 


At the bottom of Last Cut, you will notice a large rock wall made up of granite boulders. During the rainy seasons, in late spring and early fall, this feature turns into a beautiful waterfall! There is also a bench to sit and rest before heading to your left starting the trek back to the Summit along the Shannon Basin Loop Trail. The Shannon Basin Loop Trail is marked with yellow diamond-shaped trail markers.

This is where you will gain back the elevation during the descent. This wider section of the loop is great for walking side by side with friends. Keep an eye out on your right for views overlooking Howe Sound! Continue along the Shannon Basin Loop trail until you reach the Backcountry Access Road. Turn left and you are now on your way back to the Backyard Plaza and the Summit Lodge. While walking back, keep an eye out for the Highline Trailhead and the Al's Habrich Trailhead and start planning your next adventure!