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Local LoopsLocal Loops Explore Wonderland to View Spur

25 August, 2021

Welcome to the final Local Loop this summer: the Wonderland to View Spur. Discover new areas around the summit that you never even knew existed!

This 2.2km loop takes most hikers an hour and a half and offers peek-a-boo views of Sky Pilot Mountain, and a trip around Wonderland Lake, all while taking you on and off the beaten path. This loop consists of two trails: Wonderland Lake Loop and Wonder View Spur. Wonderland Lake Loop is a wide, machine-graded trail great for novice hikers and families. The Wonder View Spur is a narrow, single-track trail that winds through the forest and over granite rock slabs, perfect for adventurers looking to step out of their comfort zone.

Your adventure will start as all Local Loops experiences do... in the Backyard Plaza at the Map Board!

As this loop links two different trails together, we suggest downloading the Sea to Sky Gondola Trail Map App to help keep you on the right track!

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Begin by heading down our Backcountry Access Road. At the bottom of the hill to your right, you will see the entrance to the Wonderland Lake Loop. Cross the bridge and you are your way!

Wonderland Lake Loop is marked with red diamond-shaped markers. The trail will have you gradually descend, bringing down gentle switchbacks and over wooden bridges. Just like last week's loop, Wonderland to Shannon Basin, after you pass trail marker 8, keep an eye out for your first trail switch! To your right, you will see a single-track path. This is the Wonder View Spur Trail, marked by the purple diamond-shaped trail markers.

Shortly after making the switch to the Wonderview Spur Trail, you will reach a fork in the road. Both paths will keep you on the Wonderview Spur Trail, but to your left is a detour to a viewpoint looking out to Sky Pilot Moutain. Following along the trail, you will be taken over exposed granite rock, and through lush coastal rainforest. Those rock slabs make for a great place to enjoy a packed lunch in the serenity of the forest with peek-a-boo views of Howe Sound.


Even though the Wonderland Lake to Wonder View Spur Loop is a front country trail, it is important that every hiker is equiped with the right tools to ensure a safe and fun time in the outdoors. 

As you follow the Wonder View Spur Trail, you will reach the last smooth rock slab and at the bottom, there will be another fork in the trail. Last week, we headed down making the switch to the Last Cut Trail down the Shannon Basin Loop. For this week's adventure, make a hairpin turn left and head up, continuing on the Wonder View Spur Trail. The single-track trail meanders through the forest and will bring you to another beautiful viewpoint looking out the Sky Pilot Mountain.

Continue to follow the purple Wonder View Markers until the last marker, marker 12. The trail will lead you out of the forest and into a gravel clearing, turn left. You will now be back on the Wonderland Lake trail, marked by the red diamond-shaped markers. At the next fork in the trail, head to your right and you'll be headed to the boardwalk around Wonderland Lake. In the summer, the lake is cover with pretty lilypads and makes for a great spot to enjoy a packed lunch. Please respect the signs asking adventurers to stay on the boardwalk. There are many areas around the summit with delicate ecosystems that need all of our cooperation to grow back to their full beauty.

Once you've made your way around the boardwalk loop, it's now time to head back to the Backyard Plaza via Wonderland Lake Loop. Once you've reached that fork in the path again, turn right this time! Head back along the trail, and enjoy the journey. Once back at the trailhead for the Wonderland Lake Loop, turn left up the hill on the Backcountry Access Road. Time to head back to the Map Board, and pick your next adventure!

Loop Like a Local

The Wonderland to View Spur is one of our six curated hiking or running loop experiences all starting from the Backyard Plaza. At 885 meters above sea level, our loops will quickly transport you away from the hustle and bustle of the city into the natural beauty of our trail network at the summit.