4 Fall hikes to try before October ends

Fall is here and the trails are in glorious condition! Not only that, but the landscape is changing quickly, from lush green, to sunset yellow, orange and red. The sun still shines its comforting light through the trees, in a way that says, "Don't worry, I'm still here." Catch all the action from our summit viewpoints. Leave your phone/computer/Etch-a-Sketch alone and get outside, before the colour-show is over! 

The best weather days this week are forecasted to be Friday, Sep 30; Sunday, Oct 2; and Monday, Oct 3. Which day works best for you? Share this with your hiking buddy and select a date! Our last ride up is 5pm, last ride down at 6pm.

1. Wonderland Lake Loop

Although this is the most accesible trail of the list,  you can turn it into a trail run with a heart-pumping ascent at the end of the loop.

40-60 minutes return
1.6km return
Descends 35m at the beginning of the trail.
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2. Sparky's Spin

This quiet trail is easily accessible from the top of the gondola. Follow signs to Alpine Alley and the top of the Sea to Summit Trail. You can enter via Sea to Summit, or by the trail to the left of Sea to Summit.

40-60 minutes return
Approximately 85m descent.
Intermediate hiking skill required.
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3. Upper Sea to Summit Trail

If you haven't checked out the full Sea to Summit Trail in a while, this will give you a good preview of the type of terrain you'll encounter on the entire Sea to Summit Trail. Access it from the top of the gondola near the plaza.

1-2 hours return
2km return
162m descent
Intermediate-advanced hiking skill required.
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4. Shannon Basin Loop

For most of this loop, the trail is lined with deciduous trees and berry bushes whose leaves have begun to turn wonderfully warm colours.

2-4 hours return
9.7km return
Net gain 474 m, 292 m loss
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