Chef Profile: Seb Vickers

Watch the live Chef Challenge | Sunday, Mar 5 | 1-3PM

Seb is our Executive Sous Chef. He's fresh to our team, having only joined us about 6 months ago, but with his playful and passionate character, it's like he's been on our team since the beginning. Seb is also a volunteer at the Whistler Adaptive Sports Program and loves Mountain Biking.Seb will participate in a friendly competition with another team member, Barb Foster, on Sunday, March 5 from 1-3pm in the Diamond Head Room at the Summit Lodge.

Where did you grow up?
Born in Canada, grew up in France.

When did you move to Squamish?
I moved here 6 months ago when I started at the gondi.

Where were you working before Sea to Sky Gondola?
Worked at Tyax Wilderness Resort & Spa.

What gets you excited?
Mountain biking, outdoor adventures, food and many other passtimes.

Favourite cookbook(s)?
I don't really read cookbooks but I like the French Laundry.

Where did you learn the most about cooking?
In France from my family. Mostly my grandma and grandpa. My grandpa was an amazing butcher and grandma was an all-around good cook. In France, good food is part of our everyday lives and part of the culture. When you go to the grocery store, an heirloom tomato is a normal, good quality tomato and doesn't cost $8 a pound. And my 1 year kitchen course for teaching me all the basics of food so that I can create whatever I think of.

Common mistakes you see with cooking?
Cutting corners in terms of quality and time. Buying pre-made ingredients and not putting love and time into the food.

Strength of your competitor, Barb?
Barb is an amazing person and has a natural talent with food. Everything she touches will taste awesome. She's an iron chef queen no matter what!