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5 Reasons People Are Signing Up for the Rise and Climb Challenge

Crush your health goals in our new summer hiking program, Rise and Climb. Whether it's burning more calories, meeting new hiking buddies, or finally getting around to your new years resolutions, we want to help you rise with our dedicated Sea to Summit Trail hiking meet up every Saturday until September 2. Here are five reasons why other hikers signed up for the Rise and Climb Challenge.

1. "I enjoy the camaraderie of a group and being pushed."

Rise and Climb gives hikers the chance to meet new friends with the same love for outdoor adventures and fitness. The support of a group can make all the difference in your fitness goals, and with three different levels, there’s a group for everyone. Hike with a lead or at your own pace up the Sea to Summit Trail and finish around 10 AM.

6:45 AM: Beginner pace (3 – 3.5 hours)
7:15 AM: Intermediate pace (2.5 – 3 hours)
7:45 AM: Training pace (2 – 2.5 hours)

2. "Fitness and Fun," "Accountability"

The Sea to Summit Trail is 7.5km long and boasts a 918-meter elevation gain. On different activity tracking watches, hikers have logged an average of 10,000 steps and some have burned 800-1000 calories by the end of the hike! Rise and Climb gives participants the chance to push themselves, accountability to complete this challenging hike in a fun environment.

3.  "View some amazing scenery," "...Amazing photos"

Along the way you’ll see views of Shannon Creek, serene forest and stunning waterfalls. The beginner group offers plenty of time to rest, take photos, and take in the scenery.


4. "Prizes!" - Win awesome swag

Every week you participate in the hike, you will get an additional entry into a draw to win prizes from Helly Hansen, Sea to Sky Gondola, and Mountain Skills Academy.

5.  "Fitness and Fun and then coffee," and a guided stretch at the summit

Complete your morning with a complimentary beverage and a guided stretch to unwind from the hike.

Photos by Paul Bride.

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