6 Reasons Why Fall Hiking is the Best

1. No bugs

The flies, wasps and pesky mosquitos are off the trails, so you can leave the smelly bug spray at home when you go out for your hike. 

2. Cooler temperatures

With average temperatures dropping to a comfortable range, the Fall provides the most comfortable temperatures for outdoor activities. 

3. Less Crows

Enjoy the quiet serenity of nature with the trails all to yourself. Kids are back in school, and tourist season is over, so you can enjoy all the stunning viewpoints without the crows getting in the way. 

4. Fall Foliage

Soak up the gorgeous colours of the season by surrounding yourself with the changing leaves in the forest. 

5. Clear Skies 

Enjoy the outdoors before the inevitable snow and rain come. Fall is the perfect time to seize every opportunity for an outdoor adventure.

6. Hydrated Trails

With a little bit of rain, the trails are re-hydrated so the troubles of slipping on loose gravel and getting dust up to your knees can be put at ease. 


To find out for yourself why Fall hiking is the best hiking at the Sea to Sky Gondola, plan your visit today. 

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