Rock Climbing

Easy access to world-class climbing!

Rock Climbing

Easy access to world-class climbing!

Home to the famous Stawamus Chief, Squamish is recognized as one of the best places in North America for rock climbing. While “The Chief” often takes the spotlight, there are plenty of granite crags and faces in the area that are perfect for climbing.

We offer access to a wide range of every type of rock climbing, from bouldering, to sport climbing, to slab climbing, to aid climbing. Due to Squamish's mild climate, there is a huge climbing community that migrates to Squamish every summer for its laid-back atmosphere and world-class climbing. The following locations are only some of the stunning areas to climb around the Sea to Sky Gondola, but as you explore you will find lots more gems!

Wrinkle Rock

This aptly named rock is characterized by its folded granite features. It offers a range of easier routes that are a combination of crack and slab climbing. Located only a 15 minute walk downhill form the top of the gondola, stunning panoramic views can be enjoyed at the top. 

Klettergarten (Ultraviolet Cliff)

Klettergarten (Ultraviolet Cliff) is now one of the easier accessed cliffs in Squamish as it is located only 200 metres above the Summit Lodge. This area was first developed in the 1980’s, but for the past two decades it has been relatively inaccessible. We were able to identify four of the original routes that were built in the 80’s, and have developed an additional four routes to this cliff. Currently, there are eight fully-cleaned routes with bolted anchors,  The cliff faces SW and SE, so it receives a lot of sun. This will help the routes stay clean over the years, and will also make it a very viable crag in the “shoulder seasons” of fall and spring, because the routes will dry quickly. All of the routes are relatively short, ranging from 12 - 16 meters, however all but one are at least dead vertical, and most of them are gently overhanging. Overhanging cracks are not especially common in Squamish, especially in moderate grades.

Ultraviolet Cliff
Klettergarten (Ultraviolet Cliff) climbing area

Tips for safe climbing

Please remember, when you are climbing it is YOUR responsibility to climb safely. Here are a few things to remember before you go:

  • Always check harnesses
  • Always check knots
  • Always wear a climbing helmet
  • Always check the rope and belay device
  • Always pay attention
  • Always bring enough gear
  • Always properly clip the rope
  • Always check your anchors and use safe anchors
  • Always stay hydrated
  • Always climb with a friend insight if bouldering
  • Always test foot and handholds before using them
  • Always keep your rope between you and the rock

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