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Sky Pilot Valley Trail

This 3 to 4 hour return trail goes up into the valley that lies below Mount Habrich and terminates at treeline near the base of Sky Pilot mountain. This is a relatively gentle walk along the valley, with great views of Sky Pilot and across the valley to Goat Ridge. Along the way is a left-hand spur going straight up to Habrich Ridge and provides rock climbers access to the climbing routes on Mount Habrich. This climber’s access trail is a very steep, technical trail that requires mountaineering and climbing skills. Beyond the end of the Sky Pilot Valley Trail is the climber’s route to the summit of Sky Pilot. This is a steep, technical climbing route that requires mountaineering skills, ice axes and knowledge of moving through high-alpine, glaciated terrain.

Head out along the Backcountry Access Road and follow the marking for Sky Pilot Valley Trail at the end of the road.

Level of difficulty: Intermediate/Backcountry
Distance: 10 km return
Estimated time: 3-4 hours return
Elevation Gain: 380 m

Experienced climbers only: Experienced climbers with the appropriate equipment and footwear may continue past the End of Marked Trail signs up to Sky Pilot proper, which is a very rough trail. Experienced climbers can also take the very (very!) steep rough trail to Mount Habrich, approximately 3.8 km along.

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