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Education Guide

Our Education Guides deliver transformative educational experiences that engage, thrill and inspire young minds with hands on learning and interactive demonstrations. Our curriculums are designed to meet the British Columbia Ministry of Education’s prescribed learning outcomes for each grade level and to enhance traditional curriculums by bringing education to life. This is an “as needed” role when school, youth or camp groups are visiting. School programs could occur Monday to Sunday, 9:00am to 3:00pm.

Overnight Cleaner - Summit Lodge

As the sole occupant of the Summit Lodge overnight, the night cleaner is responsible for cleaning the lodge and maintaining security. In winter season, there are also snow clearing activities... Learn more

Day Cleaner
The visual appeal of our operation is very important to us. Our cleaners work hard to maintain high standards of cleanliness throughout our facilities... Learn more

Overnight Security & Cleaner
As the sole occupant of the base operation overnight, the night security guard is responsible for constantly patrolling the grounds ensuring that all the facilities are secure and clean... Learn more


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